Cosmetics Brand Ayu Gifting VIPs At The Show

Cosmetics brand Ayu is gifting all of the VIP visitors to The Wedding Journal Show to a multi-award-winning concealer in our exclusive Goodie Bags.

Irish owned and based vegan cosmetics brand Ayu, set up by renowned make-up artist Suzie O’Neill, is dedicated to empowering women with the tools and knowledge to bring out their best selves and we are delighted to have the brand as part of of VIP Goodie Bag offering at our Belfast show this October. They will be giving our VIPs one of their Instant Under Eye Concealers.

Developed by Suzie at her kitchen table, this concealer was born out of years of frustration with high coverage products that were too heavy for the delicate under-eye area. Suzie wanted something lightweight that would conceal and brighten, but still suit dry and mature skins too. This concealer is self-setting and will change your concealer game forever!

Instant Under Eye Concealer from Cosmetics Brand Ayu

Ayu offer cosmetics for real women who want wearable, natural products that are simply and easily applied! we caught up with founder Suzie O’Neill to get her expert advice on a few bridal beauty questions.

Suzie, tell us a bit about Ayu and what differentiates it from other cosmetic brands?

At Ayu we strive to enhance what you have rather than cover it up. We are big on education and spend a lot of time talking with and educating our community to get the absolute best from their products. For us, everything is about our customer so they are number one. 

What Ayu products do you recommend for bridal make-up in particular? 

I think our Illuminating Tinted Cream base followed by our Perfect Skin Foundation are the ultimate duo for bridal make-up. They will give you a flawless yet natural base that will last all day and night. Our signature palette is also a big favourite for weddings as it is such a classic. 

What advice would you give to brides planning their make-up for their wedding day?

I think choose a look that is you. You don’t want to look back in 20 years and think what was I wearing?! You need to feel your best and feel like you – that way to you exude confidence. 

Have you any tips for make-up on the wedding day?

If you want to elevate your look during the day I would add a touch of liner to your eyes and perhaps deepen the corners of the lids. It will give a smokey finish that will pare beautifully with your perfect base! 

Click here to find our more about the brand and shop their products.

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