JGCVideography Help You Relive Your Wedding Day

Looking to relive your wedding day over and over JGCVideography provides a beautiful bespoke highlight film for you to enjoy for years to come.

Videographer James takes huge pride and joy in his work, capturing your wedding day in a romantic and unique style.

He uses a relaxed and unobtrusive approach throughout the day in order to blend into the background and capture those candid and joyous moments as the days events unfold.

Combining years of videography experience with the use of high quality camera equipment James can ensure a smooth flow and stress free environment when it comes to capturing your big day. ‘I hardly noticed you all day’ is what all his couples say when he says goodbye.

James aims to capture details from the start to finish of your day so that the edit of your film encapsulates as many special moments as possible.

After your wedding, James will keep in touch with editing progress of your film. The social media teasers are a great way to get a preview of what’s to come.

Come and meet James at The Wedding Journal Show this October.

For further information visit jgcvideography.com


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